The Team


The Team

Willy Njoya

Managing Director | Partner


Originally from Cameroon, I’ve lived and worked between Africa, France, the UAE and the UK. After completing an MTech in Operations Management and an MSC In International Management and Leadership, I fell in love with the dynamic nature of real estate. With a deep understanding of the property market and financial investment, I made it my mission to help people find the best real estate investment opportunities to enrich their lives. My approach to property consulting involves using my expertise to build long-lasting relationships with clients and advise them about exceptional investments in one-of-a-kind locations

Marex Riego

UK Property Advisor

+971 55 347 1834

I am a hard-working Professional with a commitment to meet client requirements and expectations for their investment. I value relationships over transactions and accomplish this through constant communication, through details oriented, including my highly developed negotiating skills and by using state of the art technology, team collaboration to advocate for my client and customer the information and market data. It’s about getting to the core of what investors want. I Lived both in Singapore and Hong Kong before moving to Dubai and have been living in UAE since 2012. I speak 4 languages and am a well-travelled professional. It helped me establish connections in different fields and build strong relationships with clients as a Property Consultant. I will work extra hard to make sure your real estate transaction is a complete success. “It would be a pleasure and an honour to work for you.”

Sanja Zekovic

UK Property Advisor

+971 55 9337139

Experienced property consultant with an accent on sale, purchase, lease as well property management; Holistic approach to customer care resulted with lifelong business partners and numbers of satisfying clients that are re-investing following my advice. I am a success driven, client oriented professional with good knowledge of the residential and commercial property market. Over the course of eight years working in UAE, Dubai, I have managed to increase the wealth of clients with short- and long-term investment transactions. Always looking to meet the needs of both institutional and private investors by offering investment solutions that generate long-term absolute returns which enhance capital, add value to asset portfolios and provide high levels of income within the property market. Home for a family, holiday house or pure interest driven sale/purchase, I am ready to give you full insight in market analyses as well location tendencies. For a long run and life of desired quality.

Ahmed Hafez

UK Property Advisor

+971 55 347 1917

An international real estate advisor, based in Dubai. With extensive experience in the UK market, specializing in helping clients get the best ROI through purchasing real estate in the UK. Also sourcing and developing partnerships worldwide, with investors and companies. Skilled in negotiation, Client service, understanding the needs and aspirations of the buyer and advising them of an alternative option if the alternative is a more profitable investment. Connecting investors and agents in different countries, depending on the needs of the buyer and the listings of the international agent. Also developing social media skills, marketing skills, attending international property shows, advising clients on webinars, creating informative videos, writing articles. Based on my experience in life I believe in teamwork, the journey of success is way more interesting and delightful with a team. I have demonstrated goal setting and achieving in all real estate sales. I am a skilled communicator, salesperson, negotiator, and know what offers the best value in a competitive real estate market. As independent as I am, I’m also a committed team player, known for meeting my sales quotas and working well with colleagues. My aim is to have a strong network of investors all over the globe working with them to reach their goals aligned with the client’s risk tolerance, time frame, and financial situation. Success can refer to the money that you have in your bank account. For some real estate agents, it can be the number of clients that they have.

Mohamed Elgazzar

UK Property Advisor

+971 50 606 7270

Mohamed EL Gazzar, Egyptian.

A Target-focused, and results-oriented Investment consultant, with 11+ years of experience in real-Estate between KSA,UAE, UK, and Egypt. Demonstrated ability to understand the Real estate market changes, and support my clients to create complex investment wallets, start their investment journey or simply choose the right home for them. I pay attention to each detail. Listen and understand carefully your needs and guide you accordingly.

Hermes Kristel

Lead Generation Specialist Team Leader

+971 52 846 7874

Expert in Generating leads that will turn to new sales with a demonstrated history of working in the UK Real Estate Industry. A very committed lead specialist that gives strong support to the Sales Department. I have been in this industry for almost 5 years and came with hard work to develop my career. I am a passionate team player who puts her full effort and is still hungry for success. A multi-tasker and keeping the client satisfied with the highest degree of professionalism and accuracy. My aim is to evaluate and qualify new leads that give a better result.


Sales Manager

+971 55 347 1933

Ada is passionate about sales. She has always worked in sales and will always work in sales. She has worked in multiple sectors and brings extensive experience to Amin & Wilson.

Simone Koube

UK Advisor

+971 55 347 1791

My background as a Marketer and Business owner gave me the opportunity to realize how much I like meeting and talking to new people. I’m more people oriented, and I always do my best to understand the needs of others and to find a way to satisfy them. I know for a fact that everyone is unique and deserve a personalize product. I have decided to use all my skills in Amin & Wilson company. Whatever is your profile and your main aim, I can ensure you that you’ll not be disappointed by contacting me.

Alasdair Jewson

UK Advisor

+971 58 522 0493

Alasdair Jewson, born in Cape Town, South Africa, holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Strategic Management. A luxury real estate specialist focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, maximizing return on investment, and operating with integrity. With an aptitude for risk management and economics, Alasdair aims to help clients make the best decision for them, building functional business relationships and professional friendships with clients to help them make the best decision possible. A straight shooter that will cut to the chase and deliver on targets. He is ever approachable and at your service at your earliest convenience, contact him to make your dreams of a luxury home a reality.