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Founded in 2008 Amin & Wilson had one goal in mind which was to make real estate buying hassle-free and support residents and expats living in Dubai to find property in the UK easily. With their expert consultation, Amin & Wilson have been able to help investors and home seekers buy their dream house in the U.K. in cities like London and Manchester.

People are planning to move to these hotspots because of the massive opportunities available. The real estate industry is booming like never before which means these cities have a growing demand for housing.

Amin & Wilson’s dedicated team is determined to assist clients on where and how to invest their money, and to educate them with real estate investment plans for short term, medium term and long term alike.


Contrary to the policies that most of the western countries hold, which has restrictions and complications for a foreigner or a non-resident to buy a property, it is a rather simple process to buy a property in the UK for both non-residents and foreigners. With the support of the experts at Amin & Wilson, you would be in safe hands as you would be guided with the best investment plans and all the procedures for the process.

Top reasons to Invest in the U.K.


Ease of the process

The government of U.K. has made it easy for anyone to buy a property in the country, with very minimal to no restrictions in the buying process.


Capital appreciation

Being a major economic and cultural hub, the real estate market promises a consistent and strong capital appreciation. This is ideal for people who are looking to buy a property for a long-term investment.


Currency rate

The British pound has seen some decline in its rate making it 20% cheaper than buying a house 5 years ago. This has generated many attractive investment plans in the country.


The real estate industry

U.K. is popular for its mature industry hence enabling it to have one of the firmest laws when it comes to property rights.


Demand v/s supply

With the increasingly growing economy, the amount of people flocking into the country see no decline. This is majorly because of the massive opportunities available and with the presence of world's best universities. Due to these reasons the demand would be always high and so would be the need to house the population.

Why Manchester?

Make a property investment in Manchester and be part of one of the UK’s most exciting and thriving cities. This diverse economic centre has something for everyone. The world-renowned university has been attracting young professionals from around the world which makes the demand for rental housing evergreen.

Why London?

Being one of the economic capitals of the world, there are many reasons why one should buy a property in the UK. With the year-on-year increase in the prices of properties, buying a house in the UK as an investment plan would always be a wise decision. With a lot of localities to choose from, you wouldn’t be running out of options.

Property investment and investment plans for home buyers

Amin & Wilson provide professional and personalized real estate investment plans and advice strategies for people searching for a place to call home. Whether a first-time buyer, or looking for an investment property for a second home, Amin & Wilson would help guide to the right spot. The word “home” is loaded with meaning. It’s the place where one would long for when far away. Amin & Wilson recognise the importance of finding the right home and have facilitated this for many clients.

Creating exceptional investment opportunities that guarantee results. With the expert consultation services, Amin & Wilson would help secure investments. Whether looking for a first-time investment opportunity – looking for where to invest money or to diversify a portfolio, the expert consultants here would provide personalized investment plans and consultation services that are in-line with your growth and income objectives.

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